Monday, January 22, 2007

Did Napster became less honest?

On Jan 20 Napster announced it become a subscription-based music service. It is another attempt of big music site to bind its users with a tight line of monthly payments instead of promoting more honest "pay per song" business model.
I am upset. I do not want to pay monthly if I do not want to by music this month!
And remember a little notice - Only US residents can play full length songs. Fuf!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Santa brings you some music

What does music lover do on the Internet a week before Xmas? Right! He is looking for some free Christmas MP3 music. I made a piece of investigation and discovered some neat websites with cool Christmas hits available for free. And those are not only indie bands and labels, no. I found the major ones.

Instead of searching for mediocre performers, you can hit some very special places I found for you and your forthcoming party.

First things first. The most original technie Xmas mix I have found is work of Yes, its 8-bit like music, returning your mind to the very beginning of that electronic buzz surrounding us now. The whole album of Xmas 8-bit like mixes is available for free from has a special Music page, filled with download links to free mp3 Xmas files. You shall not find Michael Jackson there, but its a good place to leech some traditional vocal and instrumental Christmas music. Yes, folks – traditional. I mean there are thinks like “Chuck Brown & The Chuckleberries, Lyric writer is unknown, Music by William J. Kirkpatrick in 1895” there.

An Australian website returns many Xmas hits available for free download at zero price. Though connection to their server sometimes sucks, it is a rare place, where more than 6000 songs are available completely free of charge.

An awesome gift is available this time at It requires registration and adding your initial 5 bucks to account. In exchange you can download a 100 US dollars worth selection of major Christmas hit completely free of charge. Absolute Christmas CD-s in MP3 format are also available there.

Ain’t that Christmas?!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bound by Elven rope

Sweet, sweet sounds. I feel myself bound by Elven rope. It hurts Gollum, but I have got a better feeling. This music performed by London Symphonic Orchestra is available not only on this featured CD. Parts of the sountrack were earlier published as a 3 bucks download at, but there are only 19 songs there. This is incomparable to official collection, which contain 3 CD-s and 1 DVD. It also ships with a book - beautiful print. The book is available for free and it reminds all the magic to the reader.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Matured men only

Wishlist headphones
This posting is not actually about whiskey. Although its so funny to have a glass of scotch with apple juice. It is all about music, gentlemen.
Tired of seeking for new music on DC++, frustrated waiting so loooooong for a completed download from your faithful eMule, crushed with pood seeding of a fresh release on torrent? My friend, you matured to use some legal service. But which one to choose? There are clever guys, who made all the job of tries and buys on legal online music services. One is Hans from, another is Frank from .
Hans provided a lovely and well-organised table where you can momentarily compare major legal sites, including famous damn cheap Russian music deposits.
Frank made an extensive review with a smaller table. He missed Russians, but there are more US services in his big review.
Gentlemen, you have missed recent nice service from my favourite phone brand - Sony Ericsson. They launched m-buzz recently. Their selection of British rock is adorable.

Updated: sorry, Matt, I missed your review in September, I was on my sweet vacation.

Question to reader:
Can you send me that thing on the picture as a keepsake?

MP3 push from Mr Bush

There are so many allofmp3-s.coms all around, so why G. Bush forced Mr Putin to shut down exactly one piece of a complicated legal scheme of selling online music from Russia to the US? The question is open. A direct hit to Russian online music business after G. Bush complained Putin about mp3-s, was VISA decision to stop service for the site. But look, they did not stopped VISA for another Russian online mp3-store, and this one mushroomed too! May be Mr Bush has not enough education to understand that has to be the aim of his righteous, or correctly - copyrighteous anger.
Please, Mr Bush, do not target the site itself. The nasty invention of Russian lawers is a scheme under which accumulated funds from online music sales actually cannot be transferred to the artists in the form of royalties. Instead of solution, Mr Bush just pushed development of online music stores in Russia.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wow, I am a blogger now.

My leg steps the world
Its so exciting. I managed to add a comment to another blog and found I can blog myself too. Here it comes. Hello world!